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Perry High School Swarmed by Police and Medical Teams after Shooting


Early Thursday morning, Perry High School, situated 40 miles northwest of downtown Des Moines in Dallas County, was engulfed in a tense situation following reports of a possible shooting, stirring heavy police and medical response. The incident, which authorities believed might have multiple victims, brought a flurry of law enforcement officials from across central Iowa to the scene.


Confirmation arrived from authorities at the scene, assuring the public that the immediate threat had subsided, though streets in the vicinity remained cordoned off. A medical helicopter descended upon the school grounds around 8:30 a.m., underscoring the gravity of the situation.


As the morning unfolded, worried parents began arriving around 8:50 a.m., anxious to reunite with their children amid the chaos. Nearby, the elementary school initiated a lockdown protocol, keeping its students secured in their classrooms for safety.


Details emerged from dispatch recordings, painting a grim picture of the unfolding events. Reports described a harrowing scene inside the school's west hallway, with dispatchers relaying distressing news of multiple injuries. Initial responders encountered a male individual with fatal injuries, suspected to be self-inflicted, and reported additional victims nearby.


The urgency escalated as requests for medical helicopters were made, one of which airlifted a teenage girl with two gunshot wounds to a nearby trauma center. Meanwhile, the high school students found refuge at Perry Lutheran Homes and the Iowa National Guard Armory following the evacuation.


Frantic parents were directed to the elementary school to collect their children, adding to the emotional turmoil as they searched for their loved ones. Erica Jolliff, a parent whose daughter was rushed from the school, expressed her distress in locating her son, adding to the overarching anxiety gripping the community.


For the Perry Community School District, encompassing 1,785 students, the day marked the return after the holiday break, but under the most distressing circumstances. Travis Landgrebe, a school board member with a child in the sixth grade, remained unable to confirm or refute any reports, emphasizing his prayers for all involved.


Amidst the turmoil and uncertainty, the community rallied together, clinging to hope while grappling with the grim reality that had struck their educational sanctuary.

UPDATE on 1/4/24 at 4:20pm

Authorities have named 17-year-old Dylan Butler as the Perry High School shooter. Tragically, a 6th-grade student lost their life, and five others sustained injuries during the incident. Additionally, officials found an improvised explosive device within Perry High School where the tragic events unfolded.

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January 4, 2024

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January 4, 2024


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