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Know When Critical Incidents 

 Threaten  Public Safety

with OnSceneALERT notifications on your mobile device

  • Receive mobile alerts when disasters & violent threats impact public safety

  • Know when critical events occur throughout the nation

  • Make informed decisions regarding family preparedness and disaster response

Critical Incident?

"An event or situation that creates a significant risk of serious injury or death

to large numbers of people; such as natural disasters, man-made disasters,

violent threats, and terrorism events"

What is a

The media only reports these events

if no other political stunts dominate the headlines. We signed-up to know

what's going on, regardless of what

the media wants us to see

Jacob & Addison Stephens

Marietta, GA

OnSceneAlert has it dialed-in! 

I get critical situation alerts without being bothered by other "Breaking News" apps reporting every new celebrity scandal

Timothy Marcon

Port St. Lucie, FL

We're not "preppers" but my family

is safer by being "prepared".

We signed up for OnSceneAlert

because we want a broader awareness

of what's going on around us

Anthony & Madison Cohen

Albany, New York

Critical Incident Types

Protect yourself and loved ones with critical incident alerts for events that threaten public safety

Man-Made Disasters

Natural Disasters

Violent Threats

Significant Events

Industrial Fire with Explosion
Tornado Aftermath Damage
Active Shooter Walking Into Church with Gun
Men dressed in Hazmat Suits working in a Chemical Spill

Alerts to Fit Your Lifestyle

Each critical alert includes interactive
incident mapping to visualize the
public safety threat radius

Adjust the type and frequency of
notifications to prevent over-alerting

Select unique ringtones or set 
silent-alerts when you prefer 
not to receive notifications



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King Soopers Grocery Store

Boulder, Colorado

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Bystanders are advised to  ...more

OnSceneALERT Logo

Receive nationwide alerts or
community-based alerts by selecting each individual state of interest

Receive instant SMS Text Message alerts, Email alerts, and Mobile App alerting

Update notification numbers
and personal information through
your secure Members Area

Trusted by Families & Businesses

Our members come from widely diverse backgrounds, however we all share a common interest of increased preparedness through enhanced awareness

Individuals, Responders, Parents, Teachers, Students, Travelers, Investors, Insurance

Trusted by Disaster Experts

In addition to families, students, and businesses; OnSceneALERT is also trusted by emergency

response & support agencies across the nation

City & County Emergency Management,

State & Federal Emergency Management,

Disaster Response Agencies, Regional News Networks

What Our Members Are Saying

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