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Dust Storm


As your partner-in-preparedness, we continually strive to exceed your expectations by going above and beyond industry standards to ensure our members have a safe and enjoyable experience on our website

One of the many ways we provide this experience is by protecting our members so they know their information is safe and secure

Information Security

To maintain informational security, we incorporate multiple top-tier security layers like next-gen firewalls, file integrity scanners, intrusion detection, and sitewide encryption. 


The foundation of OnSceneALERT is based upon protecting our members from disasters and threats, which include financial threats as well. To safeguard our members payments, we maintain PCI DSS 3.2, Level 1 certified compliance. 


In addition, we voluntarily pursued ISO compliance to further enhance the safety of our members personal information. 

In 2021, OnSceneALERT was audited and certified as ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 compliant, both of which outline industry best-practices for managing information security risks and protecting personally identifiable information. These in-depth audits and certifications are not required, however they reinforce our commitment to the protection of our members.

Voluntary Compliance

Fraud Protection Guarantee

Our security measures are effective against hackers and online thieves,

however they can't prevent an unauthorized person using your lost or stolen credit card to make a purchase. 

Under the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), your liability limit

for unauthorized charges on your credit card is $50.

If fraudulent purchases are made through our secure server

by an unauthorized person using your lost or stolen credit card,

you will not be responsible for those charges. In addition, we will also

provide a $50 credit to your account to cover your credit card liability limit,

to ensure you do not have out-of-pocket costs due to a

fraudulent transaction while using our website.



If you are subject to fraudulent charges while using our secure server, follow these steps:

1. Immediately notify your credit card company in accordance with their reporting rules


2. Email us at to advise of the fraudulent charge

You can also contact us by clicking here

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