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Local Preparedness
through National Awareness

OnsceneALERT specializes in providing community-based emergency notifications

to individuals and organizations when critical events threaten public safety;

such as natural disasters, man-made disasters, violent threats, and significant events.

By receiving information from public, private, and governmental sources across the nation,

we can bring you the incident-awareness and family-protective information you need.


The faster we can get public safety alerts into the hands of our members,

the faster that informed decisions can be made that directly impact personal health and safety.


Decisions such as "Should we shelter-in-place? Should we grab our Emergency Kit?

Should we evacuate? What's the best evacuation route?"


All of these time-sensitive questions can be better answered

by having credible information pushed to the palm of your hand.

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We have an incredible passion for public safety. Every detail of our company

is focused on providing critical information to our members, so they can better-protect themselves and their loved ones against emerging threats and approaching disasters.


OnsceneALERT was created with a very specific purpose that guides every major decision

and allows us to have a collective approach toward a common goal.

We're big on working as a team and that's how we created our Mission Statement, as a team.


However it's not just a statement, it's our culture. Our mission defines who we are

as an organization, what we do as a collective team,

and is the driving force behind our dedication to each and every member.


​"To enhance situational awareness and disaster readiness

by providing public safety alerts and critical incident notifications

to individuals, families, organizations, and communities"

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OnsceneALERT maintains the following registrations
with the United States Government

DOT - Safe.JPG

U.S. Department of Transportation

System for Award Management (SAM)

DoD - Safe.JPG

U.S. Department of Defense

Defense Logistics Agency CAGE Code

SBA - Safe 2.JPG

U.S. Small Business Administration

Small Business


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