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Active Shooter on loose in Falls Township, Pennsylvania

Updated: Jun 27


UPDATE at 4:28pm CST

Suspect Andre Gordon Jr has been taken into custody in Trenton, New Jersey, after hours-long standoff. End of event monitoring.


UPDATE at 1:08pm CST

Subsect Andre Gordon Jr is believed to have possible hostages in the home that he barricaded in with a possible a long gun like an AR-15.


UPDATE at 12:45pm CST

SWAT bearcat just pulled up to Andre Gordon Jr house where he is believed to be barricaded inside a home in Trenton, New Jersey.


UPDATE at 12:13pm CST

The active shooter has been ideitified as 26-year-old Andre Gordon Jr. He is still at large and area residents are asked to call 911 immediately if seen. To not approach or contact.


UPDATE at 10:17am CST

Active shooter "with multiple long guns now in a carjacked silver Honda CRV" in Falls Township, Pennsylvania on Edgewood Lane and Viewpoint Lane.


ORIGINAL POST at 10:13 hrs CST

Falls Township has issued a shelter-in-place order due to an active shooter. Lock all doors and move to a central and secure location away from windows. Report any suspicious activity by calling 911.

4 people killed, 1 injured in active shooter situation after gunman opens fire at multiple locations in Falls Township, PA. Suspect with shotgun still at large. Updates will be posted as additional informatino is released. // OnSceneALERT

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March 16 2024

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March 16 2024


Falls Township, PA




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