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Imminent Explosion Expected at Canada Airport Control Tower

Authorities have announced a State of Emergency in response to an uncontrollable fire at an airport situated in Happy Valley, Goose Bay, within the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Emergency personnel have disclosed that the fire originated at an airport control tower, extending to a section containing volatile materials, heightening the potential for an explosion.

Law enforcement is urging citizens to evacuate to a secure distance of no less than a mile from the impacted vicinity as firefighting operations are in progress. As a precautionary measure, homeowners are strongly cautioned against re-entering their residences at this time for their own safety. This is a developing incident and more information will be released as it becomes available.

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Incident Number


Alert Type

Critical Incident Notification

Incident Type

Major Fire

Incident Occurred

April 19 2024

Alert Posted

April 19 2024


Happy Valley Goose Bay, Canada



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