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    Every month
    Critical Incident Awareness through Mobile Device Alerts
     30 day free trial
    • 30-Day Free Trial
    • SMS Text Alerting
    • Global Intelligence Briefings
    • Custom Geographic Monitoring
    • Custom Disaster Type Monitoring

    Every year
    (This plan includes a 10% discount) Critical Incident Awareness through Mobile Device Alerts
     30 day free trial
    • 30-Day Free Trial
    • SMS Text Message Alerting
    • Global Intelligence Briefings
    • Custom Geographic Monitoring
    • Custom Disaster Type Monitoring


Available for:

Military Personnel
Law Enforcement
Correctional Officers
Emergency Medical Technicians
First Responders (EMRs)
911 Dispatchers
Healthcare Workers

HERO Discount also available for SPOUSES of the individuals listed above

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Maintain nationwide awareness of significant events as they occur by receiving push notifications directly on your mobile device via SMS Text Message Alerting, Mobile App Download & Alerting, and Email Alerts/Notifications. 

Ensure you don't miss a critical notification by adding up to 14 mobile devices under your account such as smartphones, tables, laptops, smartwatches, e-readers, etc. 

Enjoy the flexibility of customer geographic alerting by choosing to receive notifications for incidents on a nationwide basis or by selecting only the states that you are interested in. 

Only want notified for certain types of incidents? No problem, you can receive all types of incident alerting or select to receive specific alerts from our list of over 50 different types of incidents; such as active shooters, tornadoes, industrial accidents, explosive devices, etc. 

Receive our Daily Event Briefing emailed to ALERT Plan members each morning, which provides an overview of all public safety alerts and significant events that have occurred within the U.S. over the past 24-hours. 

Enjoy unlimited access to our ALERT Center where you can review all Public Safety Alerts and Critical Incident Notifications, including previously issued alerts that are stored in our Alert Archives.

Communicate with like-minded members to learn nationwide best practices and discuss disaster topics through our Members Disaster Forum.


Actively monitor severe weather approaching your area through our Integrated Weather Center which includes nationwide Doppler Weather Radar and much more. 



Mobile Device Alerting

  • Receive real-time Public Safety Alerts and Critical Incident Notifications from our ALERT Center as incidents occur, delivered directly to your mobile device through SMS Text Messaging, Onscene Mobile App Alerting, Email Notifications, and Social Media Alerting



Mobile App Download & Alering

  • Download our OnsceneAlert Mobile App to receive instant alerting while on the go. Members can also use the mobile app for 24-hour access into the ALERT CENTER and to update account information through the Members Dashboard



Multi-Device Alerts & Notifications

  • Connect up to 14 mobile devices under your account​, with a maximum of five dedicated to iOS or Android and up to three (per type) designated to receive text and email alerts



Custom Geographic Alerting

  • In addition to nationwide alerting, members have the ability to toggle on/off alerting for specific states of interest



Custom Incident Type Alerting

  • Instead of nationwide alerting, members can choose which types of incidents to receive alerts & notifications from over 45 categories (tornado, hurricane, active shooter, etc)


Daily Disaster Briefings

  • Daily Disaster Briefings are emailed each morning to provide members with a nationwide overview of all public safety alerts and critical incident notifications that have been published over the past 24 hrs

ALERT Center Access

  • Unlimited 24/hr access to our ALERT Center, which is the central hub for alerts and notifications. The ALERT Center also posts information on critical incident​s that are actively occurring throughout the nation, and plots them on an interactive map for geographic reference



Members Forum

  • Chat with other like-minded members across the nation. Members can also use the Members Forum for emergency communications and resource coordination with other nearby members who are experiencing the same disaster


Interactive Weather Center Access

  • Actively monitor approaching severe weather through our Interactive Weather Center  which provides multiple advanced Dopplar Weather Radars displaying Local Weather, Severe Weather & Lightning, Active Weather Warnings, Satellite Radar, Supercell & Thunderstorms, Wind Speed & Direction, FutureCast, and more. 

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